James Roberts

A Singer/Songwriter living in the SF Bay Area whose passion is leading the body of Christ in worship though songs that have been born out of experiences that life has brought his way.

James currently serves as Minister of Music at Family Worship Center in American Canyon, CA ... www.fwcnb.org

James is frequently making guest appearances at New Life Church in San Leandro, CA and the United Pentecostal Church of Bay Point, CA.

He previously held the position as Minister of Music at Calvary Apostolic Church in Concord, CA for 5+ years after serving in their Music Department for years under the direction of Cathy Clark.

One of his favorite memories was while playing the piano for a district event, Lily Davis, the wife of the guest speaker approached him to play for her when she was called upon to sing...She said "I'm going to be singing a new song, it goes like this..." As she started singing he recognized the song quickly, as he wrote it about a year earlier. He simply smiled and played right along with her, she said "Wow, You're quick at picking up songs" ..His reply "It's not hard when you're the composer of the song, want to sing the verses"?

After writing his very first song at the age of 13 a passion was ignited in his heart and soul to make music his primary interest in life. So much so that he lied, begged, borrowed, and stole to get the lessons that he so desired. Nothing was going to stop him from learning to play the piano, not even his parents telling him "absolutely not".

James started attending Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, CA, at the age of 15, where he was a Music Major. He was involved in the College Choir, Chorale, Ensembles, and also did Solo performances as well as being the College Music Theory tutor