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JUNE 2014 Song Suggestions:

Encouraging Songs
Hope In Front Of Me – Danny Gokey – Hope In Front Of Me – Single © 2014
Medium tempo rock feel for this beautiful song about Christ being our hope in our darkest times.

I Have A Plan – Lori Green – I Have A Plan – Single © 2013*
Sometimes it is difficult to trust completely in His Plan, this is a beautifully written song that will encourage your congregation, whether you just have it playing during your Prayer Music or if you decide to use it for a special song it will bless your church.

I Will Carry You – Aaron Underwood – I Will Carry You – Single © 2013*
Aaron is not only a gifted singer, musician and worship pastor, he is also an outstanding songwriter. This song just flat out ministers to people, no matter what situation you find yourself in, it is a great reminder that God is saying “I Will Carry You”

My Debt Was Paid – The Collingsworth Family – The Lord Is Good © 2013*
This song was written by Karen Gillespie from Delaware, This is fairly easy Southern Gospel song to teach and you do not have to do all the key changes they do on this project. For more songs from Karen you can go to


You Brought Us Peace – Norman Hutchins – Hosanna © 2013
This is a simple, moderate tempo Christmas song about Peace. This song worked great for our Christmas season the bridge really brings it home “we’ll give you glory because You gave us peace” and you can transition into “King” by Tree63.

Hark! The Herald Angles Sing – Kaïros, Nathan & Suzanne Young
- Kairos Music City Christmas © 2013

This is my favorite track on the project, but it is full of great choral revamps of the classics…you’ll want to purchase this whole CD for sure.

Alive – Valley Worship – Alive Single © 2013
Finding upbeat Easter songs is hard, this is a very good option, simple musically, great lyrics.
Medley Option: Happy Day – Tim Hughes/Jesus Culture

At The Cross – Kutless – Glory © 2014
A medium tempo Easter song that can be used all year…“The Cross is enough for me”
Medley Option: Christ Is Enough – Hillsong Live – Glorious Ruins

Covered By the Blood – Bishop Larry Trotter & the Sweet Holy Spirit … – Praise Revisited © 2013
A medium tempo choir song…“The Blood is always protecting me from dangers seen and unseen” – how true! This has a fast feel for only being 85 BPM.

Raised To Life – Elevation Worship – Only King Forever © 2014
A medium rock ballad with a powerful hook that will be going over in your head for days. “Sin was strong but Jesus is stronger, our shame was great but Jesus You’re greater”

Risen – Israel Houghton – Kingdom © 2014
At 132BPM this song caught my attention, if you’re like me you’re always searching for Fast Songs.
Slightly “youthy” with the instrumentation on this recording, but it will work in any service.

Thankful For The Blood – Mark Yandris – A Sound For God’s House © 2014*
Just buy the project, you'll be glad you did! All songs written by Mark and all are usable in church.
“He chose the road of suffering just to save a wretch like me.”  These lyrics just stick in my heart.


Mother’s Day
If I Have To – Madonna McFall Massey – Sing © 2014*
This is a beautiful song from a mother singing to her daughter “I’ll stay on my knees if I have to” then the daughter asking her mom to please stay on her knees. If you have a mother daughter singing tandem in your church get them working on this song for next year. It is guaranteed to touch many hearts during your Mother’s Day service.

Pentecost Sunday
Baptized In the Holy Ghost – Bishop S.Y. Younger – Sounds of the Ramp – © 2013*
A Typical Black Gospel Choir song, lots of soloist work, and very easy, repetitive words for the choir.

Holy Ghost & Fire – Texas Bible College – In Jesus’ Name © 2014*
More Complex musically than the previous song, this song is Acts 2 set to music. You can’t get more Apostolic Pentecostal. Mark Yandris penned another great choir number here. 

This Is That – Pentecostals Of Katy – Power © 2013*
Yet another Apostolic Pentecostal Choir song with lots of solo work, this song has the same feel as “More Than Enough” from Gary Oliver from the early 00’s if you can play More Than Enough, you’re already 80% of the way to knowing this song.


Praise & Worship
All Of My Help – Marlo Moore – Simply Marlo Moore © 2014
Very singable worship song that would be a good Sunday morning opener. The recording leaves me wanting to rearrange the Instrumentation by adding more Bass and licks to fatten it up a bit. 

Awesome Amazing God – The Doorkeepers – The Doorkeepers EP © 2014*
A well written medium tempo song that I would use a “bridge” to connect from Fast to Slow or visa-versa.
The bridge really yields itself to a powerful move of God. “There is no one else like You, Amazing, Amazing, There is no one else like You”

Be Magnified – James Roberts – Be Magnified Single © 2014*
Brand new track that cries out for God to “change the beating of my heart to beat in time with yours” – I’ve taught this song to several churches and it’s easy enough to be caught quickly yet lyrically strong enough to have a heartfelt impact in your worship service.

Hosanna – Seven – Seven Single © 2014
This song will take you into the Throne Room, “You are Awesome, Hosanna”. Musically simple, it is another 4-Chord wonder that has the same feel as “Revelation Song” by Gateway/Kari Jobe.

It’s All In His Hands – Carman
– No Plan B © 2014

How typical of Carman to write a throwback song? This has a 50’s feel which sounds like an Elvis track. The guitars are a little much in places on the recording, so you might have to listen through them to hear this is actually a very catchy track that could be very encouraging to your congregation.

Jesus Heal Me – Carman – No Plan B © 2014
This song would be great during prayer for the sick. I know I find myself always searching for something fitting at this point in the service. Search No More!

More Like You – Urshan College – Faith Is Live © 2014*
This beautiful song was penned by Warren Groves, a student from Urshan College. It asks God to make us more like Him in the Verse and Chorus while the Bridge reminds us that we’ll be like him, free from all pain, free from all sin…So this song covers several categories and would be great as an Altar Call song.

Our God Reigns – Israel Houghton/BJ Putnam – Deeper Conference © 2013
I’ve never found a real recording of this song you can purchase, but Israel taught it at Deeper Conference last year and I happened to watch the service live streaming … keep your eyes peeled for this song. 140BPM it’s a toe tapper for sure. Hallelujah….Hallelujah, Our God Reigns.

The Great I Am / There Is None Like You – Larue Howard – The Great I Am Single © 2014
This song could be in Urban Gospel, but this Medley really elevates “The Great I Am” which didn’t need much help. I would not do the last tag of “war in the heavenlies”. It distracts me from the worship climax of the “Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty” section.


Urban Gospel
Can’t Stop Praising Him – Forest Whitaker & Gospeldelic Choir – Black Nativity Soundtrack © 2013
This song reminds me of the 90’s Anthem of the same title, yet is distinctly different and I’m sure would be a Choir favorite after the first time singing it.

Greater Is Coming – Jekalyn Carr – Greater Is Coming – Single © 2013
Contrasting what an Olive goes through to produce its oil to what we go through to have Anointing. This song requires a lot of solo work, but it is a great anthem declaring your “greater is coming”

He Set Me Free – Danny Eason – He Set Me Free – Single © 2014
Another song to help you retire “Freedom” it is just different enough from the Hymn to not be called a Remake, but it is a fun song to sing and play. It clocks in around 100BPM

Higher Ground – Lemmie Battles – Testify © 2014
This is a good old fashioned churchy choir song about “getting up yonder”, and we can always use a song about Heaven to remind us that it’ll be worth the journey.

Hosanna – Louisiana All-State Youth Choir – Glad © 2013*
Mark Yandris wrote a killer song here. This song is an old fashioned Barn-Burner…dust off your rug cutting shoes ‘cause you’re going to get your shout on during this one.

In Awe of You – Trey McLaughlin & the Sounds of Zamar - Limitless © 2012
A beautiful moderate tempo worship song with stunning harmonies, I prefer their YouTube version to their published recording.

Let’s Praise the Lord – Friendship Baptist Church Mass Choir – Let’s Praise the Lord © 2014
This is a Conference Choir song – a great opener at 120BPM it’s sure to elicit praise.

Never Go A Day – Shawn Bigby - #thesetlist, Vol. 1 © 2014
No matter what we go through we can find rest in the fact we’ll “never go a day without Him”. This song has an “ear-worm” in the bridge - “Your grace and mercy have captured my heart”. You will find yourself humming it for days!

Praise You Now – Lamar Campbell – Open the Sky © 2014
Great service opener…I haven’t used the verses, but the Chorus & Bridge work well in services.

Sovereign – Chris Byrd & True Victory – Vertical Worship © 2012
Powerful! While the recording leaves you wanting more, this song in a worship service sets the atmosphere for a major shift from self-centered to Christ Centered. It is not as hard to teach as it may appear. I recently did this song at a clinic and I taught it in about 45 minutes. “Our Awesome God, Our Mighty God we praise You, we praise You forever, Sovereign”…trust me, you’ll repeat this section for a good 5 minutes and get lost in His Presence.